2016 Internet Radio Voted Top 50 Stations

This is a comprehensive listing that highlights significant achievements and milestones based upon Billboard magazine’s singles charts, most notably the Billboard Hot 100. This list spans the period from the issue dated January 1, 2016 to present. If you’re looking to discover new music, access your existing favorites, or keep your party guests entertained and dancing,

Then the BillBoard 2016 Top 50 online Radio Stations and music streaming services will interest you.

Traditional radio stations format involves a human DJ making the playlist decisions, often in real time. Self-directed streaming leaves the playlist decision-making it up to you. Many of these services below will blend both of those experiences to what you the Music fans have Voted to be the Best in Music and While that list is Long, We fill that the Top 100 will tease your ears to the point that you will find and Vote for Next years Top 100 Awards.
The list below is compiled from reader suggestions, and represents those services which offer maximum convenience, streaming and discovery in Music, Culture, Host’s, Format, live Programing.

If you would like to contribute to this list, submit your nominations to Vote@BillBoardtop100.info

Warning: you will consume significant bandwidth when you stream music. Keep this in mind if you are going to use your cellphone data or office network to listen to these sites.


The best streaming music online: Last.FM
The best streaming music online: Last.FM. screenshot

Social networking is strong at Last.FM: you can connect with other users and trade suggestions and friendly banter. You can vote that you ‘love’ or ‘hate’ a particular artist or song. The recommendation will even try to help you choose songs by taking your favorites and extrapolating from there. The service does cost 3 dollars per month, and sometimes it feels like Facebook, but Last.FM is a crowd pleaser. Try it and decide for yourself if you agree with the thousands of users who frequent this site.

 # 2

Google Play Music

Google Play Music
Google Play Music. screenshot

Google’s Play Music All Accessstreaming service costs $10/month, so the price is par with similar music stations online.  The downside is that Google Play music doesn’t have as many copyrighted songs as other premium services like Spotify.

Where Google’s streaming music shines is that you can upload up to 20,000 of your own songs and access those songs as you travel.  And you get unlimited skipping, which supports discovering plenty of new music.  Definitely give Google Play a try when you are shopping for your next music streaming service.

# 3


Spotify streaming music. (Spotify.com)

Spotify is arguably the best freemium music service available today.  While Spotify is limited to the USA, Canada, parts of Europe and South America at this time (sorry, Japan and the rest of you), it’s already a massive hit with listeners. As they surmount music licensing challenges, Spotify hopes to expand into other countries.

Why it’s so good: Spotify is a fast and reliable radio system that outstrips the competition.  Spotify differentiates itself from iTunes and Pandora by behaving as a massive external hard drive  (i.e. it plays full songs and albums as if you owned the CD). As a recommendation and discovery tool, Spotify also stands out:  it reads your own music collection and playlists from your hard drives, and then suggests new releases, top-10 lists, and your friends’ music lists.  The interface is clean, and the search box is very convenient.

Spotify has free and premium tiered subscription options.  The free version will pause you between songs intermittently, and will restrict how many songs you can play on-demand.  The free version also gives slightly lower-quality bitrate, so the songs can sound more hollow and rough, depending on your discerning tastes.

Definitely try Spotify.com for free, though, and decide for yourself if you agree with the miliions of subscribers who flock to this service..

 # 4


8tracks.com. 8tracks.com

8Tracks is a relatively new service based on socially-curated playlists. The name comes from each playlist requiring at least 8 songs.  The big value of this service is that you can discover some really terrific lesser-known music through the recommendations of its thousands of members.

The site has free advertising-based subscriptions, as well as paid subscriptions of approximately $25 for 6 months.  You get a chance to become a type of DJ, too, as you submit your own 8-track playlists to the world.

# 5


Image © Maestro Music Inc.

Like Last.FM, Maestro is about social networking with other music fans. You can trade playlists, follow user discussions on music genres, and discover new artists through conversations. You can even store some of your music at their remote storage site. If you like Facebook and Last.FM, do give Maestro a try.

# 6


Image © Pandora Inc.

Pandora uses a form of low-level artificial intelligence: it tries to learn what your music habits are, and then suggests new music that you might like. The ‘recommendation engine’ behind Pandora is still very new, and uses arguably shallow criteria for deciding the DNA of a song. But thousands of users love Pandora, and if you live in the USA, definitely try this service. Sorry, American, Australian, and NZ computers only… machines outside the USA/Aus/NZ will be blocked. Copyright agreements are annoying, yes.

# 7

Grooveshark: Self-Directed Radio

Image © Grooveshark Inc.

Grooveshark is a real crowd pleaser! It is not a conventional Internet radio station where a DJ or database designs the playlists. Instead, you choose your own songs with the playlist creator. But much more than your own computer, there are hundreds of thousands of songs to choose from at Grooveshark. If you’re willing to put in ten minutes of effort to design your own playlist, Grooveshark will not disappoint. Advertising is a sidebar of visual ads on the right, which can be removed for 3 dollars per month.

# 8

Acoustic Alternative.com

Not just acoustic, but also alternative, Charlestown, Ska, punk, and other genres can be found at Acoustic Alternative. AA is not as popular as other stations on this list, but the readers who have recommend Acoustic Alternative really like it.

# 9

Pirate Radio Network

Image © Pirate Radio Ltd.

Pirate Radio Network offers two different means of listening to their broadcasts: via web tuner or via a downloadable special player. Hundrds of music genres abound here, and you’re bound to discover new music that you will like at Pirate Radio Network. For those of you who use a PC: you can even make your own radio station and start broadcasting yourself as an amateur DJ. You will have to install a software package to try this, but it’s definitely worth trying if you’ve ever wanted to DJ.

# 10

SHOUTcast by Nullsoft

Image © SHOUTcast Inc.

SHOUTcast is a massive selection of individual radio stations (over 700 pages worth). In fact, there are so many stations here, it is intimidating to even find one in the first place. But if you like niche music that is hard to find, definitely try SHOUTcast. Gothic metal from the 90’s, big band swing remixes, German synth music… if there is a place to find niche music, it would be here at SHOUTcast.

# 11
Image © Nu-Perception Inc.

If you like drum, bass, jungle, and very deep percussion, then you’re bound to like Nu-Perception. Rave fans and trance fans consistently bookmark this site as a destination of choice for their mad beats and hard-driving rhythms!

   Image © Renagade Radio Streaming Live 24-7
You’ll hear everything from Indie Artists to Live Programing with the Girls of Renagade, Vintage Style Interviews from the Band Babes in Studio with New Artists like Destroyer to the Indie Artistes Produced by Lyon Pride Music and Promoted at AMP Live NWto Frank Zappa’s “Joe’s Garage” and cool soul classics like Ramsey Lewis,

“The In Crowd”or should we say “Underground Culture”, 

This kind of diversity cannot be found in Mainstream Programing, their GrassRoot Internet Radio station is one of the Top Uncensored outside the Box Live Streaming Program Radio Stations, along with being part of the Events and Green Room interviews Worldwide, 
You along with the Millions of Fans Worldwide have Voted,
Renagade Radio has not let you down with a lifeStyle that says it All. 
 # 13
Image © Accuradio Inc.

Accuradio is a solid music destination, having proven itself over the years. It outputs high quality sound (for those of you with high-end sound hardware). It is very configurable by genre, artist, even instrument. It has a fabulous selection of radio channels/stations. If you can ignore the large real estate consumed by advertising, Accuradio is a definite top choice for music fans.


977 Music

Image © 977music.com.

977 Music is another one of many social networking radio station hubs. There is plenty of visual advertising, so this site has good funding behind it. 11 individual channels are offered. The big appeal is the Facebook-type aspect of this, where you can meet other music fans who share your tastes. While 977 Music is not a standout service, it does have a solid following of users, and was recommended by at least About.com readers to be included in this list.

# 15

Yahoo! Music

Image © Yahoo!.

Yahoo! Music used to be one of the kings of Internet radio in 2004-2005. It has lost popularity to other names like Pandora, but Yahoo! is still a darn good destination for music. Users like the streaming video options, along with the information on artists and current events news. Give Yahoo! Music a try for at least 15 minutes as you find a radio station for yourself.

# 16


Image © Live365 Inc.

Hundreds of individual radio channels, an immense breadth of music genres, and minimal advertising = a good Internet radio station. The interface is a little cumbersome at first, and it isn’t as clean as Rip Rock and other stations, but definitely give Live365 a try.

# 17


Image © Riprockradio Inc.

This is a very stylish single-channel site dedicated to the classic rock FM culture of years past. Rip Rock blends all the recognizable FM classics from the rock genres with new and obscure pieces. Van Halen, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, The Police, 38 Special, and more. Requests are taken by the email engine, and there is a charming basement-studio flavor to this station. If you are new to Internet radio, but know FM rock radio from your youth, then definitely check out Rip Rock Radio.



Image © Radio Paradise Inc.

The Wailin’ Jennys, Spoon, Gustavo Santaolalla, Basement Jaxx, Pearl Jam, Norah Jones: these are some of the artists you’ll hear played at this listener-supported radio station. Sound quality is controlled by you, (16k to 192k bitrates, to allow for bandwidth restriction on your connection). There are even live DJ’s providing commentary and voice interaction, just like an FM or AM radio station. If you like the sounds of Radioparadise, you can support their operations by buying their nifty merchandise.

 NTS Radio
NTS is a London based radio station built for an international community of music lovers. A platform for the impassioned, it’s a space for hosts and DJs to explore ideas – through sound or otherwise – without limitation or restriction. On their page you’ll find recordings of all previous broadcasts, from their launch in April 2011 up to the present hour.
# 20 
 Brooklyn Radio
As the name implies, they’re a station based in Brooklyn, New York. Launched in the summer of 2006, Brooklyn Radio provides eclectic programming across musical genres including hip hop, RnB, dub, dance, beats and more. According to their Facebook profile, the station was developed as an alternative to commercial and satellite radio’s ‘stagnant formats’.
# 21  LDBK
# 23 Soho Radio 
 #24 Radio FM

# 25 Radio Aristocrats

# 26   Mi-Soul Radio

# 27  E-Roi

# 28 Capital XTRA

# 29 Red Light Radio

# 30 Injuv.fm

# 31 DOC TV

# 31  ITCH FM

32 El Chef

# 33 ZIP FM

# 34 Eco Medios

# 35  Resonance FM

# 36 Gradski Radio

# 37 Reform Radio

# 38  Rinse France

# 39 Kane FM

# 40 Niu Radio

# 41  Radar Radio

# 42  Berlin Community Radio

# 43  AmbientRadio.org 

# 44 Smooth Jazz Florida


# 46  Dublins KISS


# 48 Magic Oldies Florida

# 49  KISS Hits

# 50 Gold FM Radio


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    2. Unlike last year, our visit to the pumpkin patch was not all smiles, laughs and cute photos. Naaman and I still don’t know what got into Landon that day. He was a sour puss, which is so unlike him. He is usually happy and inquisitive and excited to do something fun outside the house. This year’s visit, however, was kind of a disaster.

    3. Hello,You have a beautiful home. My wife and I are considering razing our current home and building similar to what you have completed. I was wondering if you would mind sharing the ballpark cost of the entire project including de-construction. Again, beautiful home. I admire the work your architect has completed and you have decorated beautifully. Thanks.Joe Perez

    4. Oh I LOVE these because this is a very typical day for us at home! That’s right, your parents are in Bella Vista, about three hours from us. Gorgeous evening images and very handsome hubby! :)Just reading the comments and I always assumed everyone had fireflies, or lightening bugs which is what we call them, but I guess we’ve taken them for granted. Your Australian friend’s comment about learning about fireflies was so interesting.And the golf cart pic…that’s how we get around every day! My favorites are the flower image and the one of Fern on the deck in the evening. But they’re all great!

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    6. I couldn’t remember what that program was called but I did a bit of digging. It was called “Faith and Music” and it seems to be on the youtubes if you want to watch. I really can’t remember that much about it now so I might have another look myself.

    7. Anonymous: You download an app & then enable it, that's all. I haven't tried it yet, once I do I'll say if it works & which app!Dina & Kimberly: LSS595 Strawberry Milk!Emma: Thanks 🙂 I love the new 9900, but the software is personally a bit buggy for me at times although it seems ok for my friends :(Anonymous: There are Nuffnang offices in many different countries, like Australia, Philippines, China etc etc! So if there is one in your country it'd be easier to sign up with them. I think Nuffnang SG will be ok with Singaporeans based overseas, but not yet bloggers of a completely different nationality :/

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    9. i bought 1 pound of your mixed red wigglers and europen nightcralers. they are doing great i have them outside under a tree.i am feeding them chicken feed and worm chow.i am using peat moss , from home depot. i live in hollywood fl. temp 85 90 insummer. 40 70 winter.

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    16. hi st, thanks :)hi ruth, i blush…thanks, you’re awfully kind…cheers,jhi chubbycat, thanks for dropping by and your words of encouragement :)hi jhk, thank you very much for visiting and your kind comments. no, i am not japanese. just plain fascinated and slightly obsessed with japanese food 😉

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    20. The Nazis were clear in their minds that the Arabs were racially inferior, and there would, therefore, be no pleasure to be had from helping them in anything except for the extermination of Jews in their region. [521], most Arabs never realized that the Nazis would consider them racially inferior as well.

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    2. Men kära nån, har ingen mer än jag märkt att det är vinter och fortfarande alldeles för kallt att vara barbent, även om du barar går til och från bilen/taxin? Brrr! Jag skulle bli full i skratt om jag såg något sådant!

    3. NBA Jam! Oh, how I hate that game. Great arcade basketball, no doubt, but every time I played that game it was against at least one guy who so knew what he was doing that it just sucked the fun out of the game.And RE: Base Wars above (Threads seem to have a max depth) – No one payed $50 just to watch the game. But after finding out the game sucked it was good to discover that your $50 wasn’t entirely wasted. I don’t think “buy this game to watch it” was a selling point. Just sayin.

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    5. Toby must really have no shame. He’s walking around town with a sh*t eating grin because of Sex In The City’s numbers. What’s going to happen in the next few years when all that’s left of New Line is Toby, his dog and a few stoner interns in a port-a-cabin on the WB lot? WB have apparently already taken any semi decent project off New Line for themselves leaving Toby with a slate consisting of what exactly? Endless Friday the 13th and Harold & Kumar sequels? Congrats Toby. You’ve inherited a kingdom of crap.

    6. 22eI have yet to meet a Church of Christ person who won’t look at you funny if you don’t use the word “inerrant” when speaking of Scripture. None of the ones I know drink alcohol and it would be blasphemy for anyone with ovaries to proclaim the word of God in one of their pulpits. We all know Starr would never think of using crass language or inuendo in an email exchange or when posting on a message board. Isn’t this the type of person that the SBC has been dreaming about to lead Baylor for years now?

    7. Ha! I tried the moderation thing yesterday, too. “I'm not giving you more until you are done with what you have. Open your mouth and show me. Ahhhhhhh.” To which he opens his mouth, laughs and half a slobbery, masticated string cheese falls to the ground.And he picks it right up off the toy store floor and eats it again. I think I'll let him continue stuffing his mouth – its got to be healthier than floor food!!

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    10. It’s funny – pumpkin really isn’t much of a thing over here but I love seeing how excited some people get about pumpkin season. This has such delicious flavours (and the pictures are so stunning) that it might even convince me to think of pumpkins as something other than a halloween decoration!

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    2. The embroidery needle you were wondering about – crewel -is pronounced the same as “cruel.” I made Christmas stockings using crewel embroidery for my husband and me 28 years ago. We still hang them by the fireplace every year.PS. I chuckled when you talked about your husband not complaining about the cost of your hobby. Mine’s a golfer too! He doesn’t complain about my fabric either.

    3. “and you feel the music like you feel the blood in your veins..”YES!!, this performance…>> I feel it and am mesmerized this morning. This song has always been one of my top “lift me up” songs, and he does it again, makes it fresh and more perfect than before…. seriously, his voice makes me very happy

    4. I’ve never understood why people object to “nursing” (properly called “breast feeding, as nursing is an occupation undertaken by nurses) in public. I mean, what the hell is wrong with (1) breast exposure in public and (2) feeding a child in public? I guess some objectors think it’s like excretion, or as one purveyor of mumbo jumbo has it, the baby is cannibalising the mother. Most women are fairly discreet about it, and if it offends you just look the other way.  Miles_Teg

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    11. It seems too bad, but you've been trying to figure this all out for awhile now, haven't you? I do think it's going to be a loss for the crime-writing and reading community, but that's not to make you feel bad. I think your own writing must come first. I hope you'll log in on one of the other blogs we all love and let us now know how it's all going. And don't hesitate to start it all up again if you find yourself missing it. It could happen.

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    15. Thanks, Maggie! I have met so many people in races, I think it is a bummer when people are tuned out. I also agree with you and Adria on the safety thing. I think especially in long races that the end miles are tough when people don’t pay attention!

    16. I pastor a church in Spencer, IN. Our worship on the average is about 90 minutes long. We also have communion every week (we vary how it is observed) so our time also includes that. Oh, that is in the United States of America (since many people forget where Indiana is and definitely don’t know where Spencer is) 🙂

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    3. #43, burningjoe. Your analogy isn’t quite accurate with Bron. It would be more like if the guys that were brought in were good enough to do all the grunt work and get you in front of the decisionmaker but when it came to the final close to get the account, you’d fall flat on your face and let everyone down.Bron’s guys were good enough to get Cle’ the best record in the league two years in a row and he put up monster stats to get the MVP. But he couldn’t close the deal when it counted.

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    20. Beth -Life is full of interesting synergies. Just this weekend I was telling someone about that Wellesley student from NJ whose dad was in Waste Management, and here you pop up reading my blog. Is my memory correct? I am at the age when it is sometimes faulty. We can get off the comment list if you want to reply at

    21. Child protective services does not take children away from a parent unless there is good cause, I have noticed from reading most of these comments that I didn’t seen any of you admit to abusing your child or having a drug problem or neglecting your child,and I’m pretty sure at least some of you have had one or more of these problems, but I know kids are not just yanked out of a home by the authorities unless the child is in fact in some sort of danger, come on folks lets be honest here.

    22. Hoi Marion! Wat ben je toch een mooi voorbeeld voor iedereen! Zelfs (of ook?) met kachelroet op je neus! Ik was, toen ik mijn blogstukje schreef, echt een beetje wanhopig en tadaaa daar kom jij en dan denk ik: 'ja, als iedereen maar half zo leeft als Marion, dan komt het helemaal goed!' Dan ben ik weer vrolijk!Geniet van je varkentje! (Zal ik jou eens jaloers maken? Wij gaan onze oude varkensstal vullen met 2 knorries! Je mag langskomen genieten hoor!)Groetjes,Maaike

    23. I don’t think professors should be fired for their words under most circumstances, as speaking their mind is an actual part of their profession. It would be like firing an art professor for disagreeing with his/her interpretation of the human form. However I could see a university not renewing a contract if the professor wasn’t under tenure. Once tenured though, he/she are very tricky to fire. Now academics is all about publishing and reputation, if he wants to continue ruining his own reputation, let him.

    24. I already checked that part and oh I forgot to mention that after downloading the new version of safari, there was a note stating that the version of safari I’m using doesn’t support the toolbar… Maybe I’ll just go back to the older version. Thanks so much for taking your time in answering my question!!!!!

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    26. I don’t want to hurt you Stennie.  I just wondered why the kid was so cross-eyed creepy.  And Alan Ladd was fine, he just didn’t turn human until he became a baddass.  As the goody two-shoes, he kind of fell flat.  Great hair, though.

    27. Para desgracia de casi todos, los planes de la elite mundial van cumpliendose. La gente vive demasiado preocupada por sus propias vicisitudes para ocuparse a pleno pulmon de las desgracias ajenas. Ya saltaran algunas voces de tempanos diciendo que la culpa es de ella por no quedarse en su pais, etc, etc. Es la terrible realidad de estos tiempos y quiza en una semama nadie se acuerde de Samia. Un saludo

    28. Great read….I am still in awe how people are so amazed at Dan Cathy’s stance on the subject. Seriously…his restaurants are closed on Sunday and they play Christian music. They are a conservative culture and it didn’t shock me one bit that they had that view. Next, people will be shocked that they have Chicken Sandwiches! lol

    29. Concluzia mea finala e ca exista pur si simplu oameni care nu isi merita existenta. P.A. Daca nu vrei sa gandesti, de ce intri pe acest blog? Am incercat sa iti deschid ochii, dar se pare ca bat la o usa inchisa. O rugaminte am totusi, nu mai comenta despre ateism. Nu intelegi conceptul, nu vrei sa il intelegi – parerea mea personala, dupa schimbul de replici de pe aici, e ca nu poti sa il intelegi. Mi-e mila ca specia umana a ajuns asa jos, cat sa produca specimene ca tine. Poate ca pana la urma exista ceva urma de adevar la mijloc. Lumea e pe duca.

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    4. Bree – Lyndsay, I’ve never commmented on your blog before, but I have followed your blog for a while (I was on thenest) and I am so saddened by how many blogs I read that this is happening to. Some people just don’t have lives I guess. I hope that their is some way to stop people from copywriting but eventually they will find a loop hole somewhere. Your life to so precious and you are extremely blessed. Good luck!June 1, 2009 – 10:16 am

    5. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Safari. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know. The layout look great though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Thanks

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    8. made a lot of sense. But, think about this, what if you added a little content? I mean, I dont want to tell you how to run your blog, but what if you added something to maybe get peoples attention? Just like a video or a picture or two to get people excited about what youve got to say. In my opinion, it would make your blog come to life a little bit.

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    14. BAD ASS. That length on you is the best. Plus I love the cape drama. I haven't seen Ginger Snaps in years (You must watch the 'wittily' titled sequel Ginger Snaps Back!) I loved Ginger when I was younger because I was all about being a Wiccan and carrying crystals around in my pocket and casting spells with my friends (It sounds far more romantic and film-like than it really was) now I see you're right! Bridgette is so ace.

    15. Funny! It's nice to see a photo of Peanut. Loved the part about him using an unsuspecting toddler as a tomato stake.I'm jealous that your children have no school on Wednesdays. I would love a mid-week break from the routine. How long is their school day? I'm assuming that our children have a similar amount of school time over the course of the year, with the time just broken up differently.

    16. I think they always have been competitive and more. Looks are looks but Fords F-150 is decent looking, the SD models over the top. Dodge has for years carried the semi-tractor look which is OK but again, I don't care to look like something, the real beauty is underneath. HHow shallow is it to buy a vehicle so strongly on looks? Very.

    17. Bless you…[…]I’m impressed, I must say. Really, I seldom encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and allow me tell you, you have hit the nail in the head. Your idea is outstanding; the issue is something which not enough people are speaking …

    18. Óóóó, ezek mesések! Bécsben teljesen rákattantam az Oberlaa macaronjaira, és pont a kávés a kedvencem 🙂 Viszont otthon már kétszer csúnyán ehetetlen lett a cucc, pedig olyan jó lenne sütni… Szerintem kéne sorsolnod egy házi macaronkészítÅ‘ tanfolyamot nálad most, hogy elértük az 500-at a facebookon :))

    19. Bom dia,É isso aí amigo, todos os fatos e situações carregam voluntaria ou involuntariamente algum tipo de oportunidade e é claro que precisamos sempre estar atentos pra não se empolgar ao tentar usufruir de uma oportunidade ótima mas que veio direcionada a outra pessoa, então ganhamos a oportunidade do aprendizado “HUFFA”. Agradeça, as vezes ela é melhor do que se esperava: é só uma questão de tempo!Grande abraço e ótima semana para nós!!

    20. Mark, as both patrick and I have repeatedly acknowledged, we do not deny that there is an underclass in Australia. However we remain to be convinced that this is growing in relative terms, or that the middle classes (to which 99 percent of LPers belong) are in fact doing it tougher than ever before.This is not the USA. While tehre have been some small relative increases in the Gini coefficient, in absolute terms all ranks of Australia, apart from the most disposessed outback aborigines, have prospered over the past two decades. People saying otherwise have an agenda. What’s yours?

    21. Rhonda!Thank you for your lovely words. I receive them like a warm hug! I am so honored to know that my writing and my practice resonated with you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.You are so right! It is so easy to buy into the idea that we can push through/past stress. I have certainly tried! It takes some courage and effort to try a new way of responding to stress. Yet it is soooo worth it.Sending you hugs!

    22. Congratulations! I've slacked off on most of my blogs and podcasts over the past few months, but when I do remember to come over I always enjoy reading. In fact I thought I'd mention I'll be up in Auckland this coming weekend, though it's for the NZ Body Art Awards and I may be too busy to meet up! 🙂

    23. Dawn Hezel,The fine will be around $200, and the does not help you as the benefits from that class only last for 18 months.Below is a chart of how many points are assessed in NY for speeding tickets.1-10 mph over3 points11-20 mph over 4 points21-30 mph over 6 points31-40 mph over*8 points41+ over* 11 points* Denotes suspension possible for a conviction to this offense. Of course, with our convictions on your record, you can be suspended even for slower speeding violations